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NEW VIDEO: Dr James Stillerman, Medical Director of Good Samaritan Wound Center, Watertown, NY, discusses how he uses Endoform® and Hydrofera Blue™ from the Appulse portfolio, to help manage the variety of wounds in his clinic.


The Appulse Clinical Educators Discuss Residual Endoform® 

In the following video, the Appulse Clinical Educators discuss the appearance of residual Endoform in the wound bed and how this can provide visual cues to wound healing.


Wound Bed Preparation: Using Endoform® to Assess and Manage Wound Proteases

Evelyn Hicks, Director of Education for Appulse Medical, distributors of Endoform® Natural and Endoform® Antimicrobial, talks about wound bed preparation with Dr Greg Bohn (MD).


Endoform® Mechanism of Action – Protease Modulation

Endoform® extracellular matrix (ECM) stays intact in the wound bed to help provide visual cues to wound healing and modulate unbalanced wound proteases. This animation describes how Endoform® works in the wound bed to assist with wound healing and help build new tissue.

Endoform® Application Tutorial

The following video tutorial describes the application of Endoform® products to the wound bed, including cut and trimming, rehydration and use of secondary dressings (courtesy of Hollister Wound Care, LLC).

Endoform® Application in Pediatrics

Watch as Dr. Amaya (Pediatric Wound Care & Laser Specialists, Houston, Texas) demonstrates the proper use of Endoform® to dress and protect a child’s wounds. This dermal template helps wounds heal and close, as well as help grow new skin over your child’s wound.

Reggie Casilang discusses Endoform® protease study

Reggie Casilang, Family Nurse Practitioner from Caremore Health Systems, Cerritos, CA, discusses his study of the impact of Endoform® on wound protease levels and the significance of the amount of residual Endoform® observed in a variety of chronic wounds.


Clinical Resource Library

NEW RESOURCE – Using Endoform® to Escape the Inflammatory Phase Earlier

Chronic wounds are characterized by elevated wound proteases and high bioburden which limits healing and traps wounds in the inflammatory phase. The following Clinical Resource shows how Endoform® can be used to help wounds escape the inflammatory phase.



NEW RESOURCE – The Extracellular Matrix (ECM)

Skin is composed of cells and extracellular matrix (ECM). The ECM is an essential tissue component that supports cells and directs important cell processes. In wounds, tissue ECM is missing or damaged, and Endoform® ECM technology can be used to replace the missing ECM. This clinical resource provides an overview of the science of ECM, its function and composition and how Endoform® can be used during all phases of healing to build tissue.


NEW RESOURCE – Endoform® and Hydrofera Blue™ have synergistic activity that helps overcome stalled wound healing.

This resource helps guide the use of both products in combination.



Endoform® Application Guide 

Guidance for the application of Endoform® Natural and Endoform® Antimicrobial products.



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Residual Endoform

Use Endoform® Antimicrobial to escape the inflammatory phase earlier.



Antimicrobial Brochure



Natural Brochure 




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